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My name is Pearl and my site offers altered art which is a broad term that encompasses many styles and genres of art.

I would like to introduce myself and to tell you a bit about my past art experience and how I got here.

I received lessons from a Japanese teacher at 16, a gift from my parents, although we were unable to understand each other you didn't really need to communicate in the normal way to learn oil painting. These lessons were given at my home and we would have cakes and coffee before we even got started as he loved our food. There were 4 of us that took these lessons and we would watch what he did to learn. Painting is not one solid picture it is layers, you do the background wait and then fill in shape and colors and fill in details later. It is like building a house. I was always into art and so these lessons were something that I enjoyed with a passion.

We had to come back to the states and so the lessons were only 4 or 5 months long but I learned a lot and what I learned stayed with me all my life. After getting back to the states I graduated and got married so the art was pushed to the back burner with a husband and two kids to care for. We moved to Florida and I loved the water and how beautiful it was so when the kids were about 8 or 9 I took lessons on how to paint the water which was not as easy as I thought. I took a couple of classes in oils and after a time I started painting on my own. I used to go to the beach every week and I would paint from the memory of those trips. I met Phyllis, she was my neighbor and she took me to the crafts shows in the are and I learned about what items could sell and learned from those visits what I could make. I went with Phyllis to a few shows and started gathering together supplies and ideas to go on my own.

At my first show I rented a spot next to Phyllis and bought my own tent (this was at Cocoa Village) and at first I used an A-frame display which I made with closet louver doors that people threw out when they remodeled their homes. The neighborhood houses were originally built with closet louver doors and they were perfect for what I hand in mind and of course being free made them doubly perfect. I also had folding tables and used sheets to cover them. The first items I sold little rabbit stuffed dolls and teddy bears. Every year it world be a different item one year pigs were in and another year cows were in and I also made quilts. after a few years later I started refinishing old furniture (old but new) and that was called Shabby Chic and I still have a few items in my home. We also sold seasonal items such as at Christmastime we made Santa Claus' items, Snow Men, Tree skirts etc.

This all changed after I started Searching the internet where I found an artist who made items in a new genre called Altered Art. Altered Art is a little bit of everything, if you can glue it down and frame it you can use it. You can use all your leftover projects to make Altered Art. This is kind of like recycling with a theme. I incorporate and mix several genre's in layers of art, pictures, old key, ring... I would go to the thrift store or yard sales and use "found" objects for my new art. you tear old paper and show the ripped edges, paint over it an object or design .. then you embellish with buttons, lace, rhinestones etc. Basically anything that your eye catches at the time you are putting your project together.

I now make mostly collages and painting and never know what I am going to add unit I sit down with it right in front of me.

I can be contacted here: Pearls Altered Art

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